Cultural adaptation, translation and proofreading of texts. We specialize in business, legal, technical, literary and medical translation. Our team includes translators and proofreaders experienced in different fields. The final proofing of all texts is always performed by a native speaker of the language to which we are translating. We have consultants in different areas to ensure that our translations are accurate and precise.

  • From Spanish into English and from English into Spanish.
  • From French into Spanish and from Spanish into French.
  • From German into Spanish and from Spanish into German.
  • From Italian into Spanish and from Spanish into Italian
  • From Chinese (Mandarin) into English.

Interpreter services from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English

We are skilled in covering meetings and conferences about different topics. We prepare thoroughly prior to all events to become familiar with the subject matter at hand. We have immediate availability to participate in meetings and conferences throughout the Andean Pact region and the United States and its territories.

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