Marketing communication

  • Conduct market research using the following tools:
    • Field visits (to competitors)
    • Field visits (to distribution depots and points of sale)
    • Surveys
    • Focus groups
  • Evaluate your existent marketing plan to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop marketing plans to achieve a higher market share within the client's target segment.
  • Create promotional programs targeting the final consumer to increase sales (air travelers).
  • Develop incentive programs for product distributors – vendors (concessions and airlines).
  • Develop incentive programs to generate brand loyalty among vendors (tourism agents).
  • Develop incentive programs to generate brand loyalty among end users (tourists) to promote repeat visits.
  • Create advertising campaigns based on the client's needs and budget.
  • Work with advertising agencies and creative directors to manage the campaign's development and application.

Image consulting

  • Evaluate the client's corporate image, in comparison to its direct competitors' image, and its position within its current or intended costumer segment.
  • Develop and implement a strategy to create or modify the client's corporate image.
  • Work with designers, advertising experts and other professionals to implement this corporate image.

Public relations and community relations

  • Initiate, establish and develop relationships among multicultural groups. Our strength is creating bridges to bring together non-traditional groups. We have solid contacts among the local and international press.
  • Identify stakeholders in regards to the client's activities (i.e. regarding the new airport, these would be the community at large, neighboring community, project staff, vendors, investors, local authorities and end users). Once these stakeholders have been identified, develop an information flow plan for each segment.
  • Develop a community relations plan for the client, addressing the specific issues of concern for all stakeholders.
  • Implement a community relations plan to ensure a positive flow of information designed to prevent leakeage of information to the press and/or community at large, which can potentially harm the client's image.
  • Develop a public relations plan for the client.
  • Identify activities in which the client should take part to increase its visibility at a public and guild level.
  • Identify sponsorship opportunities (public events, guild events, community programs, etc.)
  • Identify the key media in regards to the client's target market.
  • Provide training to the client in how to best relate with and address the press.
  • Press relations management
    • Work with the client in how to manage the flow of information to the press to maximize the positive aspects of such information and minimize negative issues.
    • Issue press releases
    • Coordinate interviews
    • Coordinate client appearances in the media as experts on the particular field.

Crisis communication

We are skilled in handling press, labor and community relations at times of crisis. Our focus is damage control and reduction and our goal is to spin information in a positive light.

  • Evaluation of potential and actual crisis situations to identify and implement preventive and damage control techniques.
  • Lend assistance in crisis management of public and/or internal conflicts.
  • Offer strategies to mitigate any potential harm done to the client's public and corporate image.
  • Manage the flow of information to the press to encourage positive coverage of the facts.
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